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Access Control


Access Control Systems Axeze Access Control

The Access Control System is a powerful and secure solution that is 100% designed and developed in-house. The Axeze Studio is a complete solution that encompasses the "Axeze Phoenix" as the management Software with the KEN-OLW2 which is our most powerful controller thus we do not use any third-party hardware or software.



The Axeze Access Control System is very simple to deploy and does not need complex electrical connectivity as other systems do. This is designed to be installed by IT Solution companies by just using a data cable to run the communications 

Axeze Readers and Controller KEN-OLW2


For over 20 years Axeze has had a strong presence in the hospitality industry with the one of its kind operator log on proximity reader “KEP”.


The KEP uses a 10-16 Character alphanumeric code to log on an operator thus providing a strong transaction control in a high cash movement industry.


We also offer other products which have high involvement in maintaining strong control measures in Hotels, Pubs and Clubs and as the technology is evolving, we are also making changes to provide a seamless solution to the industry.

Access Control Systems Axeze Access Control
Axeze KEP Reader and Wristbands


Access Control Systems Axeze for Bottle Shops

Axeze Studio for Bottleshops is a proven solution to curb theft from drive through fridges. Axeze Studio keeps the fridge doors locked which can only be opened by the cashier using the Axeze Tag which they use to operate the Tills.

Axeze Studio can be easily interfaced with IP cameras to trap the faces when credentials are used on the readers.


Phoenix is the web utility provides access to the user interface to manage the credentials and also provides the event logs.


Studio also has an interface to IP cameras enabling the door operation to be linked to the camera capture thus identifying who has actually operated the door

Axeze Secure Fridge Door
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If you are having issues with staff continuously forgetting domain passwords or changing passwords then

“Axeze Smart Logon” is the answer. Enable smartcard logon to the machines using an NFC card or Key Fob coupled with a pin.


Same credentials can be used to open the doors in the office making access to the premises and the workstations easier and user friendly.

Axeze is also the exclusive dristributor of Futronics Biometric Readers and various types of Time & Attendance machine which can be used by entering a Pin,  Fingerprint, Facial recognition or a combination.

More information and Use Cases on how IT companies can beneit from our solutions is available in the link below use  

Access Control Systems Axeze Smart Logon
Axeze Smart Logon
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