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Axeze is a South Australian Access Control company based in Adelaide. We first set foot in the market in 1990 recognising the big need for Access control systems where the ins and outs of people could be properly tracked. Our controller device is fully designed and conceived in-house and is supported by the Axeze studio software which is written to seamlessly communicate with the Axeze Controllers


We have a major presence in the Hospitality industry with our KEPs which facilitate fast, hands-free, sign on and sign off capabilities to POS software.  

These operating in conjunction with a wristband tag making staff accountable, for the transactions processed on the Tills.

Our presence in the retail sector is established by our Cash Draw Kickers. These are used in cash management functionality for providing floats and changes to the POS operators.


As we are the developers our solutions are mostly deployed by our channel partners which helps us to provide localised delivery and service of our product suite. Please contact us to know who is servicing your area.

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