Phoenix Does Not Work


If the other port is not available or blocked by firewall use port 80 and 443 IIS does not work, no other application will work either. This may be the issue

Answer: Close Skype and restart IIS (internet information service)


Can't Login to Phoenix, but can Login to KENCore

You have the program installed on the computer. Can enter KENCore but cannot enter into Phoenix? You can’t type text into the log in fields e.g. text does not appear.

The issue is likely to be an internet browser issue. If you have been using the same browser each time try a different one. If you are using Internet explorer make sure it is the latest version.

Answer: Clear all the cache and history.

Configuring the output of the Axeze PS2 POS reader KEP-PS2-M

Connect the special cable to a com port and connect the 5 pin header to the KEP-PS2-M as shown in the photo below:


Note the connector should be on an angle and firmly held by the side of the case. It should not be a loose fit. A loose fit will mean the + and – leads will be incorrectly connected.

Once you are happy that you have the cable in the correct way plug the kep-usb-m into the keyboard (PS2) port. The program can be run completely by the mouse.


Running KEPCfg will cause a COM port Window to appear. To get past this window the reader must have 5v (from the PS2 port), the cable must be correctly connected and the correct com port must be selected.


If the reader details and output string do not appear try “Upload” to retrieve the configuration from the reader confirming all is working. Select the required output string from the drop box and untick “Send repetitions”. Then select “Download)


Axeze on existing network Cables

Due to the cost of running new cables in an existing building it is desirable to use existing Ethernet cables whenever adding services to a building. The cost of making the Axeze network run over an Ethernet network would be very high due to the distributed nature of the Axeze network. To allow controllers to connect to an Ethernet LAN, an Ethernet chip would be needed at each controller and a larger, faster micro-controller would also be needed increasing the cost of the controller significantly. Ethernet to RS-485 converters can be used but can also be very expensive.However as both Ethernet and Axeze RS-485 recommend the use of CAT5 cable it is possible to re-configure an existing network structure to achieve a structured RS-485 network utilising unused Ethernet cable runs.First find a spare patch panel with a sockets for each Axeze controller and wire all sockets in parallel using twisted pairs from a piece of CAT5 cable turning the patch panel into a fully connected distribution hub. Try to retain the original twist in the pairs as much as possible for correct operation of the RS485 network.Connect the RS-232 port of the Axeze Network Converter to a computer in the server room (which will run the KENMon software) and the RS485 port to an unused RJ45 socket of a patch panel creating an RS-485 distribution Point. Then use a patch cable to connect this distribution Point to any socket of the newly created hub. This will create an RS-485 star network backbone. Now all that is left to do is patch the unused cable runs to this hub and connect Axeze controllers to the other end and you have a star wired RS-485 network.

There are many advantages of wiring even a new building this way.

  • It allows for easy expansion of the Axeze network
  • The network is easy to fault find as each network stub can be removed easily
  • By conforming to the structured cabling guidelines the network will be easy to maintain by any qualified data cable installer.
  • Each stub off the hub can run 800m
  • Hubs can be cascaded an unlimited number of times
  • It makes an ideal solution for rental sites as tenants can add an Axeze network at little cost then remove all Axeze controllers and leave the cable structure as found.

Although this does not adhere to the desired cabling of an RS-485 network, it does work in practice due the data rate employed by the Axeze system. The data rate of 9600 baud is slow enough to guarantee that pulse reflections from the ends of the unterminated stubs dissipate long before the next pulse is due to occur.


Can you connect two KES controller to a single reader (antenna)?

You want to switch between two different databases in KES at different times such as day time and night time but don’t want to have two readers on the outside.

Answer: Just connect the reader to both controllers. You will get about 45% reduced read range but that is probably acceptable. Switch power to one or the other but not to both. A change over set of contacts on a relay or a double pole switch are both fine. To improve the read range disconnect the coil wire also.