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Access Control RS485 Pin Out

Axeze Acess Control Systems use an RS485 communication method to make sure that the communications are now standard TCP/IP depandent. In cases where TCP/IP Networking needs to be deployed we use a Serial to network Server to enble the communication between the PC and the Access Control Network.

2 devices play a role in this process

  1. MOXA NPORT 5150, More details available here

  2. Altronics P1692A DB9 Female to Lan Converter.

This document focuses on how to put together the P1692A in order to enable the Axeze rfifd controllers to work with the Axeze Studio which is the Access control user interface

The 2 Sides of the DB9 to Lan converter are as below

On the Lan side of the adapter, When the clip side is facing up, the Pins are layout 1-8 from right to Left as per the image above.

On the Seria side, IF using the front view the Pins are layed out as above

If you are able to find and use the P1692A from Tianning Technological Eletronics Co Ltd in your country the colour code of the same is described in the above image.

Finally the connections as per below will enable the comms

For any further questions, please log a request at

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