Customer service excellence has always been, and will always remain the critical competitive advantage of Axeze.   


Our customer support includes a range of customer services that Axeze has developed to assist installers, resellers and customers in making cost effective and correct use of our products.


Our goals include making your "Axeze experience" as easy as possible, and to save you time and money - whether this is during installation, managing your staff, clients, data monitoring, or training - it is what we focus on.  


You are our customer and our reason for being in business.   

Here is how we can help you ...


We provide a range of Customers Forms, Templates, Wiring Diagrams, Videos to assist you in designing , setting up, installing and commissioning your system. We are different in that when you need help from Axeze, you will be speaking to the designers of the product and our support team are based in Australia.  

Whether we log into your system remotely, manage the site for you, or fly to your premises to assist with installation and commissioning, it all forms part of our customer service program.


We have been told that installation of our products is not only easy, but one of the best and easiest systems to set up and install.

According to a client in South Africa “We have an access control company in our building. We asked if we could borrow their technician on times and materials basis to install your product. The technician was given the diagrams, and colours. He had to install external antenna. He took a little while but he had everything working and on line. Really it was no time. He had everything working and very happy. The guy had no training whatsoever and successfully installed the system. We are delighted. New people have been added, downloaded to Controllers and they could not gain access.”


We own a Registered Training organisation so training Online or in a classroom is no issue for Axeze products. But let’s face it, installers are so busy they don’t have time to do another full training course. So to make it easy, we have designed a series of amateur videos and also have our own YouTube channel. Google Axeze “How To” Series and click on the videos. If it’s not there, or not clear, please let us know.


Whilst we provide you with tips and tricks, there are times when the challenges others have faced are nothing like what you face. So…if you let us know what the challenge is we will either create a quick video, provide you with our trouble shooting tips, dial remotely into your system, or find others ways to help you.


We have a fantastic maintenance contract that you can sign up for, or you can call us or preferably your installer when you need help. Our goal, remember is to make your experience as seamless as possible. Sure sometimes sites just have challenges but if we fight together we always find a solution.

“I installed seven of your Keyless Entry Units for my employer over seventeen years ago now and have not had one failure. These units are installed in outback South Australia where ambient temperatures reach 50 degrees C. Two of them are installed outdoors and are subject to some very harsh treatment. High temperatures, dust storms & driving rain have had no detrimental effect on these units at all!”


Technology changes so fast these days you just have to be a part of our upgrade plan.

We have two options; you can sign up for our Upgrade Plan and pay a monthly fee which will entitle you to every software upgrade, and every 3-5 years a product upgrade. Alternatively you can call us in five years’ time and we will provide you with the best and most economical means to upgrade your products. Our goal, is to be environmentally supportive and that means if a part of a system does not need to be replaced, we won’t replace it. But, be warned, Axeze is a high technology company working in a fast changing environment. We have clients who have not upgraded in 17 years as they are still happy with the product and it has worked faultlessly for all those years.


As Australians increase their reliance on technology, disposing of unwanted electronic and electrical products (e-waste) in an environmentally responsible way is becoming an increasingly important issue.

E-waste comprises waste electrical or electronic equipment.  Televisions, computers and their peripherals (e.g mice, keyboards), whitegoods and fluorescent lighting are all forms of e-waste.

Australians are among the highest users of new technology in the world and purchase over 2.4 million computers every year. Computers are ideal for recycling due to their large volumes, inclusion of hazardous materials, and good resource recovery potential for non-renewable resources like tin, nickel, zinc and copper. Whilst Axeze products are manufactured largely in Australia some components are manufactured off shore. Our products are electronic and are therefore treated in a similar manner to televisions and computers.

Under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, companies that make and/or import more than a threshold amount of televisions and computers into Australia are required to pay for the end of life recycling of these products. There are five organisations that recycle computers and accessories under the scheme: TechCollectDrop ZoneE-Cycle SolutionsSims Recycling Solutions and Reverse E-Waste.

TechCollect is a not-for-profit e-waste recycling service, representing over 60 of Australia’s leading technology importers and manufacturers. TechCollect is committed to setting the standard for responsible e-waste recycling.