Axeze Credential Management Software for the KEP-USB-M2R

This software enables users to configure a reader's output, enable encryption, as well as password protection and more. The software can also be used to upgrade the firmware in the reader, when required. 

Download ACM Software

To add the latest Firmware to the Software, download the R2.8 Firmware and copy it to the Firmware folder/directory in the Software

Download R2.8 Firmware


Axeze Tag Tester for the KEP-USB-M2R

Utility software for testing the functionality of readers and tags.  
Note:  For readers to work with this software, they must be configured to the "factory default" output.

Download Tag Tester


KEMS for the Cash Drawer Kicker - CDK

Used to create a new Master Programming Credential (MPC).  

Download KEMS V3




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