Axeze AT-C-TK4100 125KHz RFID Card, WhiteSize: 85.5*54*0.84mmCustom Logo printingChip program, encode, lock, encryption (URL,.. Product #: AT-C-TK4100 Regular price: $3.42 $3.42

AT-C-TK4100 125KHz

Brand: Axeze
Product Code: AT-C-TK4100

Price: 3.76

The TK4100 proximity ID card is based on SMC4100 IC connected with a few laps, which are then embedded into plastic. No batteries required. This card is read-only, 40-bits unique number in the Manchester code.
TK4100 is compatible with EM4100, EM4102. 

RFID Card, White
Size: 85.5*54*0.84mm
Custom Logo printing
Chip program, encode, lock, encryption (URL, Text, Number and Vcard etc)
Minimum Retail Order: 20 (freight charges apply)
Free Shipping for retail orders over 100
MOQs (Distributors) - 500
Free stock testing sample – Buyer pays freight, invoiced separately – Use “Enquiries” form.
Cards can be used with all 125KHz readers

Difference between TK4100 and EM4100 

TK4100 is CMOS integrated circuit for using in 125KHz read only RFID cards. TK4100 ISO card is compatible with EM format card, such as EM4100 card and EM4102 card. TK4100 chip data modulating and transmission is coded by Manchester modulation format. Due to the small volume of TK4100 chip and antenna, it is easier to embed in a small and thin tag or ISO card. It is widely using as ID card, information tag, goods tag, package , animal tag , school cards and metal tag ect. Only those who can use the serial number to identify the main object attributes can use it!


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