The Australian Institute of Criminology estimated that retail theft amounted to a loss of approximately 2-3% of sales which when converted to sales, could total as much as a staggering 25%.  Studies indicate that shrinkage is typically 43% customer theft, 30%, staff theft, 17% staff error and 10% suppliers.  THEFT IS COSTLY AND DIFFICULT TO CONTROL.

The Clerk Logon system overcomes this problem and our systems fully offset the upfront cost within days of installation.

The Axeze MiniKEP range of products are Clerk Logon Readers, attached to point of sale machines and operate with RFID Tags.  These are compatible with the Axeze Access Control products in that the same tags can be used on all the products.

These devices are highly configurable HID's utilising Axeze Credential Management software.

The KEP-USB-M has become obsolete and is replaced by the KEP-USB-M2R.


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ACR1251U - USB NFC Reader II Copy

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ACR340 Dual Frequency Reader

ACR340-DF Dual Frequency Reader is a cutting-edge card reader that combines proximity and contactless technologies into one reader. It is a desktop reader that is capable of reading both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards. This reader eliminates the need for manual entry and provides error-free identification and security throughout the workplace. The PACR340-DF allows users to use their building access card or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags/labels for other forms of identification.

The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory, allowing users to quickly configure the output to meet their needs. With its dual-frequency multi-technology, the PACR340-DF is highly configurable and capable of simultaneously handling any two of the available technologies.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for goods to arrive as limited stocks are maintained.


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125 KHz Prox RFID Encoder/EM RFID Reader

AGPW100 Proximity RFID Tag Encoder interfaces to anyPC with an RS-232 serial port, high performance and high reliability side.  With this encoder it is possible for you to program your Prox RFID tags with the code you want.  GPW100 Proximity Tag Encoder interfaces to any PC with an RS-232 serial port, high performance and high reliability. The Encoder comes with an utility software that enables you to encode the ID code into the proximity tag easily at your side. With the GPW100, it is possible for you to program the proximity tag with the ID code you want.

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