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How to install Axeze Studio Software Suite

This video lists the steps you need to take as you install the Axeze Studio. Like all software, it has its little quirks. We hope you will find this software easy to install. If you need help, just call us.

How to Connect Wiegand Reader to Axeze KEN OLW2

This video shows you how to connect a Wiegand Reader to an Axeze Controller. Axeze can integrate with almost any Wiegand output reader. To do this you need to ensure you order "OLW" version of the Axeze Controller. Wiring diagrams can be found under the "Support - Wiring Diagrams" module of our website

How to Wire Axeze KEN OLW2 Controller

This video is design to show you quickly how to wire an Axeze Controller. KEN-OLW2 is our powerful mini controller that can handle offline 1,000 offline events and 1,000 logs. It works with one reader at a time which has significant benefits. It is directly addressable as you can have one Controller per network, or several controllers per network.

How to Open an Axeze Enclosure

Axeze enclosure cover may be difficult to remove if not done the proper way. In this video Dave, our senior technician shows you how to remove the enclosure cover.

How to View Events in Phoenix

Axeze Studio is web enabled software developed by Axeze. This video is a tool to assist installers and new user on HOW TO VIEW, EVENTS, LOGS IN PHOENIX. Phoenix if the Graphic User Interface of the Axeze Studio. 

How to Setup Phoenix, Where to start

This video forms part of our "How To" series of videos designed to make using Axeze products easier. This videos provides tips for setting up Phoenix which is the GUI for the Axeze Studio software. Once you have installed the software, you need to setup the system, software, hardware and Controllers used in the Axeze system.

How to set up standard defaults in Phoenix GUI for Axeze Studio

This video is a tool to assist installers and new user on how to set up the standard defaults in Phoenix if the Graphic User Interface of the Axeze Studio.

How to Find or Add Person, Credential, User to Phoenix

How to Set up up Lifts in Phoneix the GUI for Axeze Studio

This video is designed to assist you in setting up lifts in Phoenix and save you time. If you are on site and forget a step, you can watch the video rather than read the manual.

How to View, Print, Pull out Reports in Phoenix GUI Axeze Studio

How to Import Credentials, Personnel into Phoenix



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