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Axeze was established in the 1990’s, initially after recognising the need for a hands free entry system, specifically catering for the aged and disabled. Being Australian owned, designed and developed, where possible our products are manufactured in Australia.

Launching its first product in 1999, The Keyless Entry System (KES) is a standalone unit that enables up to 1000 people to access through a single access point using a range of tags (cards, key fobs or wristbands). The database can be managed using the KEMS software, or a Master Programming Card which can be used to add and delete tags.

The KEP product range was then launched in 2000 which provides fast, hands-free, sign on and sign off capabilities to POS equipment with in the hospitality industry. These products have been winning awards within the hospitality field and can be seen in most establishments.  Products in the range have sometimes paid for themselves within days but more normally within months of installation. Operating in conjunction with a wristband tag, staff are now more accountable, stock control is tightened but the greatest results are from faster, more accurate processing of sales.

Axeze has concentrated on developing a powerful network system so rather than build early distribution channels, funds were directed to Research and Development. The results are the KEN (hardware) with Axeze Studio web enabled software, a 16 channel digital I/O, Lift Control and Ethernet connectivity capable of integrating with a variety of other types of products like Aged Care, TCP/IP Cameras etc.

Axeze researches, designs, develops and sources the manufacture of RFID access control systems and resells a range of Bluetooth, biometric finger scan and facial recognition products. One of our missions is to provide advanced security in physical and logical access control, computer network logon and ID management.

Axeze is a distributed system that allows multiple networks to be seamlessly integrated into the one system, all manageable from one central location.

These networks can be located anywhere in the world and managed from the one single site using the highly secure Graphic User Interface.

One of their main goals has been to develop systems that enable potential clients to use one tag for a variety of tasks and sites. Security of the tag has been very important so although Axeze can read most Weigand tags, a proprietary system was developed. The 264 format offers literally billions of different tag permutations, and best of all, cards have the codes embedded at manufacture, and the Controllers have been designed to accept read only tags. Read/write controllers and Weigand controllers are available upon request.


The flagship product is Axeze Studio; Axeze web enabled Access Control software.

Axeze Studio is a suite of products combined into a single solution specifically for you and all managed through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) offering an additional layer of security for your access control system. Axeze can manage the system for you, or you can manage it through your installer, or even yourself.

Our system enables you to combine RFID 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz, Mifare, Bluetooth and biometrics into one solution seamlessly controlled through Axeze Studio.

This package has been developed with the latest version of Microsoft .NET – to be installed on one host computer that uses a Microsoft SQL Server - the Axeze Studio Databases can then be installed on separate computers.

Phoenix is a Web Application so it can be installed on a Server whilst users can log onto the Phoenix with a browser, which both run on the Internet or the Intranet. It’s supported by both Serial Port or LAN (wired or wireless) for Communication with he Axeze access control network.

KENCore Agent always ensures that the system is operational

Third Party Applications can easily communicate with KENCore to run Axeze commands. All decisions about the Access control are made on the database side, so any third party application can easily participate or integrate with the code.

Wiegand, Face, Finger card, finger you name it Axeze Studio can manage any combination providing a single solution to your access control and ID needs.

Whether it is lift control, or receiving email alerts on your phone, Axeze is your chosen access control system.


For Third Parties

Windows applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework and web services (.NET web services).

SQL Server is the database backend for many existing software applications including Axeze, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Project Server, etc. Applications can be integrated with SQL Server applications.

Axeze also provide Keyless Entry Systems, Point of Sale Solutions, Biometric Products (including Face and Fingerprint ID), Cards and Fobs, and Computer Security Products.


Competitive Advantage

Axeze’s new highly configurable USB Reader enables clients to select one of four outputs and allows you then to configure HID Generic of HID Keyboard and set the output format to Suppress Reader ID, Suppress Check Byte or add a new line.

With all five levels of encryption set available.

  1. Electronic Code Book (ECB)
  2. Cipher Book Chaining (CBC)
  3. Cipher Feedback (CFB)
  4. Output Feedback (OFB)
  5. Counter (CTR)

All Axeze controllers have the following functions:

  • All in the one aesthetically pleasing unit that is no larger than a light switch panel.
  • Additional microcontrollers can be networked to each other, thus expanding the system for minimal cost as required.
  • One Tag all sites and tasks
  • Proprietary or Weigand Tags
  • 1,000 pure logged events offline per controller/door
  • Unlimited access points per network
  • Unlimited networks seamlessly integrate into one system
  • Unlimited users per system
  • Unlimited logged events per system (Online)

All products are sourced and manufactured in Australia where possible



The distributed network system means there are significant savings on the cost of installation as well as on the hardware components required for a full system. Future expansion of the system can be carried out easily by simply installing new modules. An Input/Output board (I/O) can be placed anywhere on the network and consumes only one node.

The size of the Axeze controller is very small only 110mm x 74mm x 18mm making shipping, warehousing and freight highly affordable and also convenient.

Via the KEN-OLW, a Weigand controller that communicates with any 26 or 34 bit Weigand device to be attached to an Axeze controller. Organisations that already have an investment in an Access Control System can upgrade to Axeze and continue to use their existing Weigand tags. Our newer system allows the use of NFC on smartphones also.

The natural adaptability and flexibility of Axeze allows the range of products to be integrated with almost any system. For example Axeze has a high level interface with Clipsal’s C-Bus, Base Page and IQ Home to name a few, and low level interfaces with many other products.

There are many opportunities for Axeze products – limited by your imagination. They can be integrated to provide the code or service whenever you want to turn on, off, or control access to anything. This could be controlling plant and equipment, controlling access to cash registers or even access to fridge doors. Being in the industry for over 20 years Axeze is always one step ahead in digital security and development.


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